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Euro 2012 Semi-finals

Finally, Englishmaningdansk has recovered from the depressingly tedious inevitability of England’s traditional penalty shoot-out exit from the tournament. Such was the crushing realisation (again) that England are a second rate international side, I lost the will to regurgitate all the usual comment that is rolled out after every quarter final clusterhug.

Oh well, at least I had the semi finals with Ronaldo up against a free scoring and attack minded Spain….oh wait.:/

Ronaldo 0 Spain 0 was a real disappoint. Spain (who have now officially jumped the shark) tried to liven things up with a revolutionary new tactical formation, i.e. they put a forward on the field, but even this couldn’t enable this game to live up to its billing.


Perhaps Euro 2012 Winners Germany will provide more excitement when they defeat Italy 3-0 tonight.

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Euro 2012 Day 15

Germany 3 Greece 0

So here we go for a rematch, but the Germans will be too good for the Greek on this occasion, even if the referee has no free will.

Englishmaningdansk is already preparing to eat pizza and watch Roy’s mighty invisibles march into the semi finals by beating the italians at their own game.


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Euro 2012 Day 12


Seems like UEFA are more concerned with protecting their corporate sponsors than acting against racism in football. They have decided that wearing pants with a particular betting shop’s logo is worse than racism. Oh dear.

Spain stuttered to a 1-0 win, but don’t be deceived.. they are still the best team at the tournament. Ireland go home with almost the worst record in the tournaments history.

So to today’s games…. England’s 2-0 win tops the group, thanks to France’s lacklustre 1-1 draw with Sweden. Hurrah!


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